Cane Corso
Strength ~ Beauty ~ Loyalty
AKC Reg:  WS68599501
Penn Hip: 

​B​irthday: April 8th, 2020

Bred by Christine Thomas-Lamont 

Sire: Scandifio's Nino II
Damn: ​​​​​​GCHS BISS Valente's Sophia Dolce Eleganza

​"Alita" has been experiencing it all ….from working sports to AKC conformation shows, with not only grace but with beautiful muscle and power.  AT just 18 months old she has earned all of her titles listed above.  This well balanced pup will be continuing her fun journey.  Watch for her next accomplishment in the near future.

Valente's GCHB Forte Eleganza Alita CGC,BCAT,IDTT, DHT